Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost Over

Here it is December 29th, 7 A.M. and we as a family still have not had Christmas. Oh, Estella and I have had a couple of Christmas celebrations already, just not with the whole family. We all, 23 of us, get together only once a year sometime around Christmas to celebrate. This year, and probably in the years to come, we will be at the Holiday Inn Holidome where they will furnish our dinner, traditional style, and a room big enough to get everyone in at the same time. We will all be there except for son-in-law Dan who has to be with the Wichita State women's basketball team, he is the trainer and oversees their aches, pains and wraps. We have elected to be in Salina mainly because, it is more centrally located than going to any kids house and it is less trouble letting someone else cook and clean for us. Plus, it affords a place where the grand kids can play and swim and we can visit more easily.

The last two Christmas time's brought celebrating in very uncomfortable situations. First two years ago, just before we got together, two days before to be exact, for our first celebration at the Holidome in Salina, Estella was diagnosed with Cancer, so she was in the hospital. Thankfully and praise the Lord, she has gone through radiation and chemo and has been cancer free for a year and a half. We owe it all to the good Lord and prayer from many friends and many people we don't even know.

Then last Christmas, we were planning to be in Salina again and I ended up in the hospital from August 27th until December 23rd in Topeka. But that did not stop us as everyone came to Topeka where we were living at the Thornton Place Retirement Home and they set us up with a great place to have our gathering and we ordered a large amount of pizza. Not traditional Christmas, but it didn't matter it was wonderful being together with everyone.

We are now home as of last February 28th and both are getting along very well. One seems to be so much better off when it comes to healing when one can be in his/her own surroundings.

So, as the title suggests, it is almost over, but that is not the whole story here.

We had a half family celebration at Thanksgiving, which does not happen often, as Monica and Gwen's family was here and took care of everything for us, it was wonderful. One thing I need to say here though, Monica you must find your own recipe to your pie crust, that cherry pie was not like you usually fix at all. Note, she threw it away it was so bad. I might add, Monica brought most of the food with here and also had a wedding to be in on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so she did a lot of pre-planning to pull it all off. The dinner was wonderful and we all ate way to much.

Then, on Christmas day we went to friends home in Salina and had a non traditional dinner and wonderful time with friends playing cards, visiting and laughing. The women traded gifts and we all went home happy and once again, very full.

Next, we went to daughter Amy's on the day after Christmas where she fixed the traditional Christmas dinner and I might add did a wonder job, especially the pecan pie she made her daddy, I even got to bring a little home. We spent the afternoon with Amy and family and really enjoyed being with them. Again, we came home very full and very happy.

So, you see, we get to have still another celebration of the birth of Jesus and good times with family. We are so blessed!!!! To all that might read this rambling, I hope you had just as good a time around the holidays as we did and we wish you all the very best of the New Year and caution you to celebrate in moderation. We will do the usual party hardy, get crazy style we are a custom to, and at the stroke of midnight I will turn to my lovely wife and say, "honey turn over you are snoring and I can't sleep". Of course I don't snore, or at least I never hear it. Thank the Lord for Estella being such a sound sleeper.

And to all have a good day and a very healthy and prosperous New Year!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pet Peeve

Is it just me or does no one know when their lights are on bright at night? Lately I have noticed that there are a lot of cars driving in town and on the highways that are using their bright lights. In the olden days if you encountered a car with bright lights you would flash yours a couple times and in common courtesy the other driver would dim his/her lights. Not anymore!!! Or maybe these new lights are just so bright and my eyes are so old I just think they are on bright. Or maybe everyone is so involved in their cell phones they are clueless if they are driving on bright or not. Speaking of lights, what is with these real bright blue lights anyway? I don't like them either as they bother me even more. Maybe I should convert to those real bright lights and join in the program of being clueless to my driving habits. No, I refuse, I don't need another thing to be clueless about in my life, I have enough already.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving, Fun But Tiring

Well. thanksgiving is over!!! We had 14 for dinner on Thursday. In our little house it was crowded, but we managed very well. Daughter Monica brought the turkey and mashed potatoes with her and then cooked the rest on Thursday morning. Daughter Gwen and her family came bringing the bread and deserts. It was all very good, all we had to prepare was the ham and buy the salad.

Monica and family came on Wednesday and went home on Saturday. We got to keep the 2 boys, ages 7 and 2, on Wednesday night and again on Friday night. That was the tiring part. It is evident why children come to you when you are young. I don't know how grandparents that take on raising their grandchildren do it. I don't think there is any way we would be strong enough mentally and physically to do it.

Holidays are such a grand time of food, family, food, friends, food and good times. Oh yes did I mention the food? We have enough leftovers to get us by for a few days, but it is always just as good the second and third and fourth time around. We so enjoyed the kids, and when Gwen's family came there were 4 more. Luckily, only one is of the younger age, so he, Matthew and Logan, played downstairs most of the time. If I just had a small fraction of all the energy that was in our house for Thanksgiving I would be much more healthy.

We will get together with all the family for Christmas on January 3rd. There will be 22 of us at that time, so we will gather at the Holidome where there is more room and more for all the kids to do.

We praise the Lord for such good children and grand kids, it is truly a blessing like no other.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Let's examine listening...

We have so many things to listen too, I'm talking not just about sounds. Of course the most important thing I have to listen to is my wife, believe me I have had times when I didn't do a very good job. In fact she would probably tell you there were times when I didn't listen at all. I try, but at times I just can't understand what she is saying or where she is coming from. Next, we have to listen to our bodies/bones, our heads, our hearts, and my stomach. You notice I didn't include everyone in the last one. I don't have trouble listening to my body as it creeks and pops and pains all the time. My head is a different story and I get it mixed up with my stomach all the time. If you know me, you know this is true and my head is winning. Another thing my head tells me is that I want this or that when in fact I really don't need it, I just want it. Too many times my wants edge out the needs, but I am getting better at this one than I used to be, but I still have to be careful.

There are times I wish I had listened to my head instead of my heart and visa-versa. Like the time I got married the first time. I don't know what I was feeling or thinking, but maybe I should have thought it through a little more. I really think God had a part in that first marriage, He knew it was wrong but He also knew there were three kids that needed a dad. If I had actually listened to my heart, I would not have those three kids today and things would have not worked out so that I would end up with my wife of today and another child that needed a dad. By the time I met and married my wife I finally knew what I supposed to feel and listened to my heart. Thank you Lord!!!

What I need to learn is the difference of what my head tells me and what my stomach needs, how do I know for sure. I have never been one that could tell the difference unless I was so stuffed that I was uncomfortable. Believe me, I have been uncomfortable many times. Well, I guess I will just have to try to work this out in my head some way or continue on the path that is unhealthy. Good grief, I have trouble even writing about it. No wonder I can't listen!!!

I am sure you may come up with many more things to listen to, but these are my important ones, you pick yours.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just another day!!!

Yes, it is just another day in my life of days. But, considering the options, this is great. I am so thankful I am here now able to even type a blog. I am also thankful that my wife and I are able to live in our house together. There was a time when all this was in doubt, but with much prayer from many people, many we don't even know, we both pulled through a very tough 2007. So when I say just another day it is with great appreciation of having just another day.

I have a very close friend, Dave, who is very close to going to be with the Lord. He has lived a very good and full life, he is 88 I think, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't live to 100. He has already lived way past when the doctors thought he would, so just another day means a lot more to him than me. I guess we don't realise how important that one more day can be.

I can remember in my fathers last days, he wanted just one more day and one more chance. He had had many heart attacks in the last year of his life and had chosen to not do what the doctors told him that he needed to do to live longer. That was another wish on his death bed, that if he could just have one more chance he would do what he was told. He told my mother on that last week of his life that he did not want to die alone. So, we all sat with him around the clock for several days. On the last day of his life he told mother he had seen Jesus and was ready to go home. It was my sitting time from about 10 PM to 8 AM. My sister and aunt came up to relieve me and I went out of the room for only seconds to let them know there was no change. When we walked back into the room he was gone. I really believe he waited until no one was there to die.

There is another strange story about his death, as my sister and children and I were on the way to the grave site, my sister and I were talking about how daddy had gone to a better place we were sure. My daughter who was only 5 at the time spoke up and said she knew grandpa went to heaven. Why, we ask her was she so sure? She said, "because I saw him going up". Wow, out of the mouths of babes!!!

So, my reason for writing this is to remember that just is another day is a precious gift from God and we should never forget this wonderful gift. So, if you are bored with it being just another day, stop and reflect on the wonder of it all and be thankful you have just another day.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can't we all just get along?

After watching Bill O'Rilley last night I have a renewed feeling about our country. We all have to come together and back the new President Elect instead of worrying about what might happen. So that's why I say, can't we all just get along. The test for him first is going to be the economy. He has to get a hold on the economy first or he losses credibility with those that elected him. Of course, he is going to have to deal with Russia it appears, as they are already testing him the day after election.

If John McCain can pledge to work with President Obama, so can I. Time will tell if this was a good choice or not, but I for one hope and pray it was. All I know is that this country can't go on the way it is now, it has to change and that is what was promised so let us wait and see if the change comes before we jump on the "OH NO" band wagon.

The feeling I got from the O'Rilley Factor last night is that the new president will govern form the middle of the road. If he does, he will probably have more trouble with the far far left from his own party than he will from the Republicans. America can't afford the far left or the far right, we need the stability of down the middle decision making because that is where the good for the country will come from.

My Democratic friends have trouble talking about the mess we are in without getting all rilled up. Maybe I am to much of a non-worrier, but I don't like to spend time getting upset abut things I can't control. So, can't we all just get along? I will if you will. I will and I will continue to pray for the mess the new president has to take over. I for one don't know why anyone would want to jump into all the trouble nationally and world wide that President Obama is taking over. I guess he must really want to change the country, for the better is all we can hope for.

One more thing while I am on this Soap Box, during the last four years especially, the major media, celebrities and even my own friends I spoke about have referred to President Bush as just Bush. Even if you don't care for what he has done, you show disrespect to the office and the country by not calling our president, President. I promise to all ways refer to President Obama as President Obama no matter how I am feeling about him. He will be my president, just as the White House is my house. So, let us all show respect to the office and to the person in that office, if we don't it just drives us farther apart as a country.

That's all I have to say about this, so have a good day and coming weekend and I love you all.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weather Teller

Good morning everyone,

As I sit here doing nothing I looked around the room and noticed I have a weather ball, a glass ball filled with red water that has a tube running out the bottom of the ball and up to the top where another very much smaller ball is located. When the weather is changing for the worse, the red water rises up the tube to the small bubble on top. I think this is correct, the barometric pressure rising makes the water rise. This forecasts when the weather is changing, like now for instance, the red water is clear up to the top and in the small ball or bubble. Bad weather is coming.

On the wall across the room is another weather forecaster, a very old thing with a dial that goes from stormy to change to fair. Now it is on change, I don't know how old this item is but it was my fathers pride and joy when he was alive. He thought he could forecast weather with it and be ahead of what was coming. Anyway, it was one thing I really wanted of his after he passed.

Then, on the opposite wall is an in-door out-door thermometer, which of course lets me know what the temp is in or out, but it doesn't forecast any weather change, only weather or not a coat is in need for the day.

Then, of course, I have this computer thing on which I get daily and sometimes twice daily weather updates from KWCH TV in Wichita. Also on the computer, I have a link to the Intellacast Weather Radar site. With this I can also see the weather change as it happens. It will show tracking of fronts as they move in, which by the way one is moving in as I type this. So, the weather is supposed to be colder and wetter.

What started all this looking around the room was the fact that I was popping some Tylenol for the pain in my knees and I thought, why do you need all these things to tell you the weather is changing. My arthritis in my knees is a full 24 hours ahead of any of the mechanical devices I have to go by. Some people may say I am crazy, but ask any one with the same problem and we all agree, the weather change has a great affect on how we feel. My sister stated to me yesterday that even she when she was younger thought that old people that complained were just crazy. Well guess what, now that she is older and has the problem she to can predict the weather ahead of time. In fact, I bet all weather stations employ a whole room full of old people just to advise when bad weather is about to happen. Wow, maybe I should look into this. Maybe I have discovered a new way to make money. I wonder, can this be one of those stay-at-home jobs I always get e-mails about that I just delete. Maybe I better start looking into them closer.

Have a good remaining week and pray for our country and our new leaders.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bored with nothing to do

So, here I sit at this computer bored and nothing to do so I will blog. Wait, does that rate at something to do? Anyway, what do I blog about today. Let just see. It's windy and warm outside, not bad for November 1st but not very interesting. I always have understood that when you have nothing to say, talk about the weather.

The election is tomorrow, yea!!! I am so ready for it all to be done with. I am tired of nothing but political ads and news full of nothing else. Who ever wins, I hope it will be the best for our country. I have my opinion but will not share it on a blog. If you know me you know my opinion and I have not changed.

This is the first month in a long time where the first two weeks are pretty much empty, so we will probably just sit around and watch the boob tube. What fun!! All my football teams pretty much suck. Kansas City had the game won yesterday and let it get away, so whats new. Dallas just plain stinks and Denver is not far behind.

I am getting over a sinus infection and am feeling much better than I did all weekend. How do they start anyway?

We played cards on Friday night with friends and once again, the men dominated. I am sure it will all turn around on us someday, but until then we will continue to be the poor winners that we are. The girls get tired of all the bragging, but hey, when your hot your hot.

I can tell you one thing, this is not helping the boredom situation.

I have a sort of funny thing happen over the weekend. On Saturday I got up and made coffee and breakfast. No, that's not the funny part. I had the remote control sitting on the table by my coffee cup where it should not have been. You might guess, I spilled the coffee right in the remote. Now you know a man without use of his remote is pretty much lost. We got by all day by only changing the station, manually, one time. I went to bed early, who could stay up if the remote didn't work. Well anyway I got up Sunday and tried the remote and low and behold it worked. Guess is dried out. There were a few buttons that didn't work at first, but after a while all but one worked. Thank goodness, I couldn't have gone another day with out the remote. I took it in this morning and exchanged it. I have vowed to keep it out of harms way from now on. I can't face another day like Saturday.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Because She Said So

I am writing this blog because she said so!!! That is my sister that said so and I have always done wheat my sister said. We visited our son and his family over the weekend and this phrase came up several times. it always will when there are kids involved. I can remember asking "why" to many things my mother told me to do and the answer was always, because I said so. I believe that was all I needed to go ahead and follow orders, but anymore there are more way's and said so's than there were when I was a child. Why, you ask? Because if my mother said so and I didn't, then the next thing was "wait till your father gets home". I hated that reasoning, so I just did what I was told, or at least that is my story. I am sure my sister would disagree with me.

All in all though, we are blessed with a group of very good grand kids. I have seen, in my years of retail and police work, how kids can act up and how there is no respect of authority. Why is that? Well here is my opinion, parents are too busy and preoccupied with all that is going on to just one simple thing. That is, just be consistent. By this I mean if you tell your kids to do something don't let them get by with continuing to do whatever it is you have told them not to do. So, see this is the problem. In my childhood, I knew if I didn't follow orders I would get a spanking and I, in most cases, did not want that. Oh, I was not a perfect kid by any stretch, but I learned a respect for others property and what it meant to mind with out more than one because I said so.

Have a good weekend to all.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Winter is coming, and I for one am not happy about it. I don't like winter and haven't since I had to work in it at the Chevy dealership in Lubbock. As a kid, of course, I loved the snow and sledding and building snowmen. But, as I got older and went to work, my first job as I said was at the Chevy dealership. My primary job was getting new cars ready for delivery and my secondary job was checking them in when they came in on transports. Normally this was not a bad thing, but invariably the colder, wetter, icier and snowier it was, that is when at least multiple transports would show up. the factory only put enough fuel in the cars and trucks to get them to the dealer in the summer, not the winter. Between the railroad and transport companies, most of the cars/trucks would be out of gas or worse the battery would be dead, or both. I would have to climb around on this big truck full of cars putting a gallon of gas in them and/or replacing the batteries. This is when I learned to hate Winter.

Another thing about winter is that I hate putting on heavy coats and then driving. I have an old faded jacket that I have worn for the last several years, that is very light weight, but I use it anyway. I figure I can take the cold long enough for the heater to get warm and then again getting in wherever I am going.

The coldest I ever got was when I had on jeans, long sleeve shirt and insulated coveralls. heavy gloves and a helmet. I should mention I was ridding my motorcycle and the temperature was in the 20's. But then, the motorcycle ownership is a whole other blog.

Now that we are retired, we have decided that if it is icy or snowy, we stay in the house where it is warm. I know that there will be those times when we will have to get in the cold, but that is OK, I can handle it in my own way, as I said.

Another thing about Winter, the driving conditions. If everyone would just stay home if at all possible there would be a lot less accidents. It is my belief, most people have no clue how to drive on icy or snowy streets anyway.

From what I have heard, this year is to be colder but drier than normal. That is a good thing, unless the predictions are are all wet. Pun intended!!!

Hopefully everyone has a safe and uneventful Winter.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A lot of Nothing

Being bored with nothing to do and waiting on a phone call, I will try writing a lot about nothing.

Is anyone else ready for the election to be over? I am, I am tired of hearing the same old things from all candidates over and over. How about lets just make it a law, no one can campaign except a month before the election. Eliminate the conventions too, what a wast of time and money. Well, just got the phone call so not waiting on that anymore. Anyway, back to politics---how can anyone know what to do? I heard a comment the other morning on the radio that sure makes sense, whoever you are for won the debate--period. So true, so true!!!! this same person was commenting about the undecided voters in the polls, she said if she gets called, she just tells them she hasn't decided to get them to quit calling although she has made up her mind.

Speaking of phone calls, we get at least one and sometimes two hone calls a week form City Card telling me this is my last chance to save on interest rates. I sure wish it was and they wouldn't call anymore. After all, what happened to the no call list I signed up for several years ago that was supposed to last forever, I thought.

Another example, I give to Special Olympics every year, well now this year I have caught them trying to get donations every 3 months. I may have to refuse them next year if this keeps up. Do these people think we are stupid and brain dead? Oops, never mind that question I think I just answered it.

Another thing I am wondering about, here in Salina before there was a water shortage, my lawn care people put on fertilizer 4 times a year that needed watering in at least a quarter inch. But, now that we have a water shortage they apply something that requires no watering. Question, why didn't we use this stuff all along?

Another question, why is gas always cheaper after I fill up and higher when I am on empty? I don't know, but maybe I am the controlling interest in the gas prices. If so, you can all thank me for the current decline in gas prices and I will probably need another fill up in a couple of weeks, so be ready and beat the increase.

Also, why does it always rain the day after I get my truck washed? See question above....

Well, like I said a lot about nothing and-- it is. I guess I will go do some more watching TV and dozing off from time to time. Seems like we get more of that done than anything else we do. What a life!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

At Their Mercy

It has come to me in resent years that we, as humans, are at the mercy of all most everyone and everything we want to do. For a current example, this banking mess and the bail out to go along with it. We, the common folk, have really no choice but to be at the mercy of Washington politics. I don't know how we can trust them to do the correct thing, because wasn't it them that got us into this mess in the first place. Of course the Democrats are blaming the Republicans and vise-a verse. How do we know what really went on and how do we trust politicians to get us out of this? Oh, I firmly believe something has to be done and quickly, but just what I don't know and I am not sure anyone knows for sure. It seems to be just guess work, hopefully it will be the correct guess.

Another example I have come across of just lately, is my cell phone company. When I changed carriers, I didn't get to pick out a phone I was just given one that the salesman said was a good phone and he had had good luck with it. Being at his mercy, I believed him. Now some 10 months later I realize it is not the phone that I want at all. Was I offered a choice or told of different features at the time, no I wasn't. Now, I admit, that I told him I wanted a FREE phone and so that is what I got. A free phone with no features I want now. Now I am the mercy of the cell phone company because I can't change my plan until October 2009. Oh, I could just bite the bullet and pay $200 for a phone like I want, but the fact is this, if my salesman in the first place had been a true salesman he would have pointed out other phones with more features for an additional price. I might add, much less money then $200.

So what are we to do to keep us out of being just at the mercy. Well in the case of anything political, the only thing we can do is vote. Again though we are at the mercy of the people running for president and we know they all will say whatever they think we want to hear. Besides, when whoever gets into office then they have to depend on Congress passing legislation that the president wants. Yea right!!!

In everything else in life, we must take out time to study all the ins and outs of what ever we are doing. I think I can do this in my life, but I have to get want out of the picture and that is hard for me to do. In most cases lately, the decisions I have made are working out just fine. Now if my choice for president works out, I will be happy. So, everyone take head at my words and remember to not let yourself be at the mercy, as much as you can. Keep the faith and trust in God, but remember God will let you make mistakes so you can learn from them. Boy has he let me learn a lot in 65 years. Now if I could just remember what I have learned when I need it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Long Times and Other Stuff

It has been a long time since blogging, but what is a long time? Also, who decides "long time"? In my case and in the case of my blogs and especially reading Barbara's blogs, it is my sister who decides "long Time". One says "it's been a long time" since whatever several times in his or her life. But, back to the original question, what is a long time. I think, a long time can be anything from a day to years. It all depends on what has been a long time. If it concerns an old friend, it is usually years. Or, if it concerns something personal, and I want go into just especially what I am thinking of, it could be as little as one or two days. I don't think a long time could be in the same day, but I have used it in the same day as a small joke. Like when having talked to someone on the phone and then as soon as you hang up you call back and say, "it's been a long time since I talked to you" and then you go ahead with whatever you forgot. An especially long time for me has been the last time I spoke to my mother or father face to face. Oh, I talk to both of them in my mind and sometimes I think I hear them answer. I talk to Barbara daily, usually several times, but if I miss a day it seems like such a long time I get very lonely just for her voice. It has also been a long time since we have seen her and Reid, they came last may, but it has been two years since we went to see them. That is the first thing we are going to do as soon as I get all healed up from surgery in 2007.

It has been a very long time since I spoke to any of my "childhood" friends. I used to keep in touch with one in particular via Christmas cards, but several years ago they quit sending one to me, so I don't know what happened. I have come to realize, that those that you are always the one contacting, they really aren't good friends if they don't contact you once in a while.

Keeping in contact with friends is reserved for girls, I guess. Or maybe I just never was luckily enough to have long distance relationships with someone that cared for me. My sister and a friend of mine, a girl, have both had and still have very close contact with old friends. Even my wife has friends that keep in contact via e-mail back and forth. Just not me.

So, a long time can have many meanings to many people, sometimes when I get impatient a long time could be in minutes, so I withdraw my statement that a "long time" must be over a day. In self defense, I won't go into the times my "long times" happen in the same day. After all I have to live with her. I may be in trouble going this far, but you get the drift a "long time" can be anytime you want or don't want it to be. So, don't let it be a long time before you call me and just say "hey" I would love to hear from you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Handling retirement in the face of winter

Here it is the 8th of September and the weather is already fall like. We went straight from being hot to being very cool. I don't know what to think about how bad winter is going to be. I spent most of last winter in the hospital not having to face all the ice and snow Salina had. This winter we plan to just stay inside when the snow and ice come, no use taking a chance on falling. This brings me to my problem. I already get restless being in the house and just have to get out and do something, even going to Sonic during happy hour will do. What am I going to do when I can't get out for days on end? My wife can handle not going anywhere, but I don't think I can, so I have to find something besides TV and FRED to keep by occupied. Oh, FRED is Fricken Ridiculous Electronic Device IE. computer. I'm going to try reading, but the book I want, in large print, is not in the library, so I will have to wait for that. I really need to get in more exercise and will try doing more of it. But, I still need to get out among them so to speak once in awhile. Well, I know this has been a short blog, but I needed something to do. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.

Friday, August 29, 2008

August Gone

Here it is almost the last of August and to say the weather here has been un-August like would be an understatement. We have had the coolest August on record I would imagine, or at least it seems so. The only thing I can figure is it must be global warming. The globe must be so busy making someplace else hotter, it didn't have enough left over for Salina. In fact last winter was so warm we had record snow and ice, again global warming. Anyway, back to August, it is almost past and school has started again. Seems the older I get the faster the years go by. When I was young and in school, the school year by itself was at least 12 months long and then summer vacation seemed like only two weeks it went so fast. I can remember the first year out of high school, I was working full time and when school was let out for the summer I felt like I had been over looked. It was at that time, and the first time, I wished I had stayed in school. There have been other times with the same wish, but alas I know if anything had been different, I would not be her today writing a blog. So, aren't all that read this lucky. Now that I am retired, I am happy but do get a little stir crazy on a daily basis. But, I would not have it any other way. Christmas will be in two weeks probably, or so it will seem. So all I have to say to all is have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

25 Years

As of today August 13th, 2008 we have been married 25 years. I can safely say it has been the best 25 years of my life and for that I thank God and Estella, my wife. We have four wonderful children and thirteen wonderful grandchildren. Seven boys and 6 girls, that range in age from 16, almost to one and a half. Hopefully, now that we are retired we will get to seem more than in the past. Although they all live no more than four hours away, we still only see most of them two or three times a year.

As I look back on the last 25 years, it seems like only yesterday that we were married in a local park at 10 in the morning. Gladly it was 10 and not later as it was extremely hot that day. We spent a week traveling in Nebraska and South Dakota, taking in all the tourist attractions. Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills, The Bad Lands, several gold mines, Wind Cave in Hot springs and The Corn Palace in Nebraska and also The Doll House across the street from the Corn Palace. We drove 1600 miles in a little Chevy Vega, we used 16 quarts of oil and had no air conditioning. My best man offered his real nice Impala with AC, but we declined. Stupid move on my part. In Rapid City we went through a wild life park, it was over 100 degrees at the time. As we entered the bear portion, we were told to keep all Windows rolled up. We were doing alright until a bear decided to lay down in the road right in front of the van in front of us. So, there we sat and it got hotter and hotter in the car. Finally, I tried to roll my window down just about 2 inches. From a loud speaker came a booming voice telling the person in the Vega to roll up the window. Luckily, I think that startled the bear and he moved. There was another incident in the Black hills where a mule stuck his head in my window to see if we had anything to feed him, we didn't so he chewed on the door and scratched it up pretty good. If you want to know about the funniest thing that happened on our trip you will have to ask Estella to tell you, I value my life and know better. Hoping all of you can have as happy a life as I have had the last 27 years and 2 months as we have had.

25 Years

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Clearing things up

To start with, I don't think my sister is strange. Maybe some strange ideas only because they differ from my own. But to say she is just strange is not true, she is a wonderful sister and I would not trade her for any other. She is prettier, smarter and more talented than me. I have always thought the reason I don't have any of those good traits is because she came along seven years before me and since God thought my parents would never have any other children, He just went ahead and gave her all the talent and smarts. Then when in fact I did come into the world God had used all the family talent and smarts up, so I was left out. The fact that I never pushed myself to learn is not my fault, it's hers.

I love her so much that I have told her she can't die until after me, of course she says the same about me. I have complete withdrawal if I don't talk to her at least once daily. Her only problem is she is so giving of herself, that she can be taken advantage of. I know I am good about giving her advice, but if I were in the same situation, I would do the very same thing. We both learned this from our father and mother, as they couldn't say no to anyone especially me. There were many times my father should have told me to work it out my self, but he didn't. I am so thankful I had my parents in my life and am doubly thankful my sister is still around to talk with, even though she finds it better to not follow my advice.

Barbara, I love you!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trying to Blog

I haven't been able to create anything for the last couple of weeks, I think my brain is on vacation. So, I will start putting down stuff and see what comes out. We are getting much needed rain this morning and the temperature is a cool 68. Our 25th wedding anniversary is coming up on the 13th, it doesn't seem like that long at all. In fact at times it seems I have not known anyone else all my life, and at other times it feels like it was only yesterday when I first kissed my future wife for the first time. For me it was almost love at first sight, actually we had know and worked together for sometime. I had ask her out two previous times and she had declined as not being ready to date. Finally one day at work one of her co-workers let me know she was ready. I went straight to her office and put my arm around her and told her I needed to talk to her. She wanted to know if it was business or personal. Of course it was personal and she agreed to go to a movie with me. After the movie we went in her hose to talk and finally it was time to leave. Oh yes, I left out the part about her getting cold at the movie and let me put my arm around her to get her warm. Anyway, as I left I kind of grabbed her and pulled her real close and gave her a kiss right on the lips. It was at this exact time I knew she was going to be my wife. For her it took a little longer, but she finally came around and we were married 2 years and 3 months later. We have now, as I stated been married for 25 years and counting the 2 and a half dating years, been together over 27 years. I have told many people, and most can't believe it, that in all that time we have never had any kind of a fight over anything. Oh, we have had our disagreements over things such as what color was our old couch and other important things like that. Through it all, she has stood by my side and taken care of me for all these 25 years and for that I thank God He sent her to me. When I married her I also got a huge extended family, she is one of ten children. I feel so lucky, as the only sibling I have is a sister. What is even more amazing is that all her brothers and sisters are so much alike, all very quiet and hard working people. Well, I should say, when the 5 sisters get together it is not quiet. But, they have fun and that is what is important. So, I guess I filled this blog with ramblings and should get off here so I don't use all my brain power up at one time. You know when you reach the age of maturity you are on overload and just so much fits in and what doesn't forces other stuff you once knew or could remember to leave. So have a great day and week and God bless to all that read my blog.

Monday, August 4, 2008


What this is about is why are there "Man Things"? Well the only thing I can figure out, if it is mechanical or sports related, it is "A Man Thing". Lets start with the most obvious man thing, the remote control. With all those buttons and choices to make, it is most defiantly a man thing. Now, I don't have to go into all the sports shows on TV, but they are all man things, just because they are sports. Enough said about that. My next real important man thing to me is my truck. What man doesn't like driving a truck, if there is one, I don't know him. Some men don't have a truck now, but have had at one time in their lives and remember how it felt to drive around in "my truck". Of course in today's time there are so many different types of trucks to choose from almost any man can be included in this category. Even a van can be said to be in the truck category. As long as it will haul something, call it a truck. Another man thing with me, and my wife doesn't understand it, is my truck has to be clean. I can't stand a dirty truck, even if it is only bugs on the windshield, it has to be clean. Another thing that is most definitely a man thing, and another thing women don't understand, is how pictures should be hung. There is no way, in any mans opinion, that a picture can be hung with out a level and tape measure. Everything has to be level and square with the wall. A real pet peeve of mine is not knowing where something is when I want it. If you use it put it back where you got it, women really don't understand this concept, at all. There are many other "Man Things", think of your own, but y0u get the idea.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We, were told by a priest that when you pray, you should always start off by being thankful for all you have before you start praying for what you want or need. We have been doing this and it is amazing when you start thinking of all the things you are thankful for, just how many things there are. We both had a very bad year in 2007, she with cancer detected in December 2006 and me with surgery and a long stay in rehab from July 27th, 2007 until December 23rd, 2007. We are so thankful we are both doing so much better. We owe it all to God and all the people that prayed for us, even those we have never met, through our recovery process. My wife has been Cancer free for over a year now and although I am not completely healed up, I am stronger and feel better than I was when I went in for surgery. We are also so thankful for our children, their families and our grand children, all 13 of them. We are also thankful for us being able to live in our home and take care of most things we need done. For those things we are not able to take care of we are thankful for having friends and family that are willing to help out. For the bigger jobs we are thankful that we are able to hire those things done. We are thankful for being together for 25 years this August 13th and plan on at least another 25. We are thankful for each wonderful day, with or without rain, and if it does rain we are even more thankful. We are also thankful for being able to get around without too much help and do our shopping and driving where we need to go. We are very thankful for good friends and the fun times we have together with them. I am very thankful that I have a sister that I can talk to as often as I want, even though she lives far off. My wife is thankful for her 9 siblings and the fact they live close, for the most part, and she is able to keep in touch.

Monday, July 28, 2008


It seems as if we spend way to much time waiting, we wait on the phone to ring, on the rain to start/stop, for the mail to arrive, on the dog to do his duty and come back in, on a loved one to get home safely, in line at any store, for your doctor to to see you, for the dentist to come back after he has deadened your mouth and tongue, for the computer to work faster than a crawl, for a TV show to start and the last one I can think of for now is waiting for the time when you don't feel like you are going to bed too early. I am sure you can think of others, so add your own if you wish. I have heard that humans spend nearly half their lives waiting on something, don't know for sure but don't doubt it. Well, let me tell you, when you are retired you don't mind waiting so much, it gives you something to do, besides napping in the chair off and on all day. I even look forward to going to the doctors office so I can wait, or the store where I wait while my wife shops, anything to get out of the house. You are probably thinking, boy he needs a life, but I will tell you I have a great life. I am happy and happily married to a wonderful person. We live the simple life as I have commented on before, but this is the way it is. At this time I have run out of anything to say, so I guess I will go find something else to wait on. Have a great day/week.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Started me thinking

I have not written a blog in several days now, but after reading my sisters current blog, it started me thinking. How fortunate I am that all of our children stay in very good contact with us. I don't know what I would do if they were "lost from home". For several years after Barb was married and moved out of the house in Lubbock, we lost contact for several years. I was just at that age where running around with friends meant more than family time together. There was a time when one particular friend and I would join my parents and their friends in playing card games on a Saturday night, that was great fun. Then I got married and my then wife didn't get along with any of my family, especially Barb. After we moved to Wichita, I didn't have any real contact with Barb until I got divorced and started taking the kids to visit mom in Lubbock, after my dad had passed away, at least once a year. I wish I could have been closer and visited more often, but I wasn't and couldn't. Then my sister and her husband and I moved mother to Tulsa and I became reacquainted with my sister. I don't know what I would do now without talking to her at least once daily, sometimes more. I have been collecting pictures and information on my family history and have realized how much I miss them all. I have wished in my later years, I would have sat down with my father and taped his remembrances of his childhood. Well, low and behold, my cousin in Amarillo sent me a CD that was taped in 1964, during my roaming age, of my father and his living family sitting around just talking. Oh how I wish, now, I would have been there for they could sit and talk about old times for hours. When I had to around them I thought those stories were so stupid. Now in retrospect, I see how important they all were. Let us all never forget how important family is and never loose touch with each other. God bless you all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Simple Minded

I sent a joke e-mail to my sister and she replied that all men are simple minded. This particular joke was about the difference between men and women, which I thought really hit the nail on the head for the most part. I took it that she especially meant me as compared to all men being simple minded. Well, at first I took offense at the statement, but as I think about it I suppose I am pretty simple minded. Let me explain, first I don't like any turmoil in my life, simple truly fits the way I live. I don't have a large house, to most people it is too small, again a simple home. I don't have to drive a new car every year or two or even every 5, I drive a vehicle till it won't drive anymore, my truck is simply my only mode of transportation. My extended family, all the kids and their kids are also pretty simple, honest and hard workers, no criminals just plain simple good American families. I came from just such a family, my father was a very simple man coming from a simple hard working mother and father. His father was a very strict man, that left home a the age of 13 and worked driving cattle. He worked in the Oklahoma Territory punching cattle with the likes of Will Rogers, truly the most simple down to earth of men of our time. My father learned a lot from his father, as I learned from him. Lead a simple life and be an honest hard working citizen. I hope my children have learned this from me, and I believe they have. I married a wonderful yet very simple, honest and family loving lady. She too comes form a very simple down to earth family. So, I guess if you want to call me simple, go ahead and I will take it as a compliment.

Monday, July 21, 2008


When I started this thing called blogging, I thought it would be hard coming up with new topics. Well, after the very first blog my mind was swirling with ideas. Now, three days and two blogs later, I can't think of all those things I had going thru my mind. What happened, where did they go, who took them from me? I thought maybe if I just started writing about something, this is it, at least one of the many topics would return to my brain. You see, it is my belief that as we get older, we have had so much input that as one gets something new entering your memory bank, something has to leave to make room. Surely, that is what has happened to me. I simply know too much!!!

We spent all day Saturday and Sunday doing absolutely NOTHING, but watching TV. Since getting our new high definition television I seem to be doing a lot of watching. I watched almost 100% of the British Open golf tournament. By this morning, I had to get out of the house. So, as I do too much of the time, I went for breakfast and took it to the park to eat and read the huge Salina newspaper. Well, 10 minutes later that was done and once again nothing to do. We have no place to go or anything to do today. I sure hope the bank statement gets here today!!! I will call our x-neighbor Bud to set up lunch with him for tomorrow. We try to take him out at least once a week, he is getting older and enjoys getting out, just like me. My wife on the other hand would prefer to stay home and read or do her Sudoku puzzles. She also does games and puzzles on the computer.

Our very good friend DeAnn is in surgery right now having an operation to constrict how much she eats so that she can loose weight. It is not the lap band surgery but I can't recall what the name, see more information in, information out. Please pray for her, her doctors and nurses. She should only be in the hospital until Wednesday. If you would like to learn all about what she is having done, there is a link to her blog on my blog. She is very good at explaining things.

Also, while talking about prayer, please pray for our grand daughter Chelsea, she is in an eating disorder clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is 15 and a very sweet loving girl and needs all the prayer we can give her and her family. She ask for help, so that is a very good and mature sign.

By the way, none of those missing ideas returned, just too much knowledge!!!

Well, I started with nothing to say and ended up saying a lot of mostly nothing. So, to everyone, have a really good week and God bless all of you.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


When I was younger and the kids were very young, I worried about how they were going to turn out as adults, are they going to be good parents, then when they were teenagers I had a whole new set of worries, where are they, are they alright and will they get home safe. Of course, some made me worry more than others, just as some came home when they were supposed to and others didn't. I'll let them figure out which ones. I can remember one time when my son was 16, or maybe younger, he got a job as dishwasher at Big Boy. He rode my motorcycle to work each night, well this one night he didn't come home and it became very late, like 1 AM, and I started thinking of all the things that could have happened. He could have gone somewhere after work and not called, he was to come straight home. He could have had a wreck and was injured and no one had called me. Finally, at 2 AM I went looking, luckily the first place I went was to Big Boy and thru the open back door I could see him slaving away. I was relieved and at the same time upset that they were working a young child that late. I don't remember what was done about it or how much longer he worked there, but was glad when he didn't work there anymore. Then there was the time he and a friend were out way past 12, and they were on foot somewhere. The other boys parents and I were looking all over and when we met back at my place, there they were, innocent as ever so they thought. They soon found out we were not happy. Oh, they had just been at the park talking to girls. Not to pick on my son all the time, the daughters were not innocent all the time either, like the time one of them was celebrating graduation and wrecked her car, at least she had enough sense to call me to help her. Then the one that never came home when she was told, usually not real late but 30 minutes at least except for this one time when she was out with her best friend and after she took her home she stopped by the college because she saw a boy she knew and the time just "got away" from her. When she finally got home at 3 AM i made her call the police and tell them they could quit looking for her because she was home now. I'm not sure that made as good an impression as I had hoped. Not to leave the baby out, she was the best about doing what she was supposed to do except for the parking the car thing in a strange neighborhood and going to meet her boyfriend at some lake. That time made the impression on her I wanted, think.

OK, so I've told all my stories, but you may ask why did I worry so much, It's because I never slept until everyone was in place where they should have been. Mom on the other hand let me take care of all the worry as she slept thru it all, luckily she wasn't around for some of the previous times, or she would have been up with me.

When they grew up and left home, I thought wow they are all gone and I can quit staying up at night waiting for them to get home and stop worrying about them, this worked for a while, now there is a whole new set of worries for me. I don't have to worry about how they will turn out because they all turned out to be great parents and hard workers. but now I worry about my grand kids and how are they going to turn out. At least I don't have the coming home thing with them, I'll leave that to their parents. Also, I know God has a way of paying back so I know my children will find out all about it some day.

Have a great day!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Little Bit of a Party or " MEN WIN"

Yesterday, Friday, we celebrated one of my longest and dearest friends birthday. Her name is Mary, but she is referred to as "Little Bit" due to her little size. I hope she doesn't mind but she turned 76 last Saturday. She is truly amazing, not only does she not look 76, more like 56, but she refuses to act 76 too. I met her husband Clint or "Tater" in 1966 when I worked for Boeing in Wichita, Kansas, but that is another story.

We always, unless someone is sick, get together with this couple and also Paul and Carol on all birthdays, anniversary's and for any other reason we can think of to play games. Actually, we met at Coyote Canyon in Salina to eat and then all gathered at Paul and Carols for games. First, we played Chicken Foot, a domino game played with double 15 domino's, which the women won, barely. You see, the men have a theory "let the women win at least sometime or they won't play with us any more". The next game was Canasta and the men won handily, it wasn't even close. Then we ate again and finally finished the day off with a game of Call Your Partner Pitch. We also won that with an even larger, bigger, astounding scoring difference. All though some of the games we play are individually scored, we always have to add the men vs women scores together to see which is the overall winner. Of course, it is usually the men. Hey it's my blog and I'll tell it like I want to.

A great time was had by all.

To everyone reading this, I hope you have a wonderful and safe day.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Morning Person

I love mornings, not to get up and get going in a hurry, but to just be up and take my time getting around. I worked for 22 years for Sears and had to be up and to work by 7:30 or 8 at the latest. Sometime, if I had to open the store it was even earlier. Then, I retired and didn't do anything but play golf and do odd, part time, jobs for a year. That was really great, at the time. Finally after a year off, I went back to work as a police dispatcher working mostly the 2:30 to 10:30 shift. That is when I discovered how much I enjoyed not having to rush around to go somewhere. Now that I am retired again, and for good this time, I really enjoy just doing what I want when I want. The only problem with retirement that I have discovered is that you get no days off or paid holidays. It seem as if we are always busy going here or there and doing this and that. So busy in fact that I don't have time to read my sisters blog daily, which she writes in almost every day and can't believe I don't read daily. I doubt I will be as good at keeping up with blogging as she is, but I will try.

Well, I was talking about mornings. I have a set certain routine in the mornings, first I get dressed, do some stretching exercises , then I leave my wife sleeping and go to our "office" where I check e-mail and take care of whatever bills need to be taken care of. I just love busy work and even look forward to balancing the checkbook once a month. If it rains overnight I empty the rain gauge that is right outside my window and record the rain on our computer calender. Last night we had 1.61 inches, which is more rain than we have had since June 11 when we had 1.5 inches. After the e-mail, banking and any other task in the office I go to the living room and change the date or our daily calender bird, one of those perpetual things, and then bring in the paper, fix something to eat and start my day. On some days, if it is real cool out, I will go get something for breakfast and sit in the park in my truck and eat and read the paper.

My day is officially started!!
Have a great day and bye for now.