Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In The Begining

I have taken on a project, that of creating a scrapbook of my family ancestry. I have only been sort of working on this idea for about 4 or 5 years. I have used the internet, contacted family and relatives for information. Finally after a long time of collecting and being sick, I have started the scrapbook. As I go through all the pictures and stories it is amazing how close your family seems to become. My hope is that some day my children will look at the work I have put in and start to wonder if there is more to discover and maybe one of them will carry it further than I have been able to do.

When I started, I remembered when my father was trying to work on finding family information, I don't know how many trips he and my mother took to go to just look through library articles, newspapers, legal documents and other palaces searching for information. I do remember, he was unable to find anything further back than his father. He knew his grand father was married twice but did not know his name or the wives, so his search stopped with his father, at least that is the way I remember it.

At the time all I could think about was girls and cars and I remember thinking why does anyone want to know about dead people.

Now that I have gotten into this I hope my dad is proud that I am carrying on his work. If my father would have had the convenience of the Internet, how excited he would have been. As I got started, I realized that my cousin in Amarillo had sent me information with the name and two pictures of my great grand father. I took the opportunity and googled his name and low and behold up came, not only my great grandfather but my great great grandfather and all the wives my dad could never find.

Well, at this time I have five pages finished on the book and look forward each day to doing more. I highly recommend to anyone that thinks they don't want to undertake a project like this to just go ahead and start, you will get hooked meeting your ancestors for the first time.

This idea started form a good friend of mine who is really deep into genealogy. In her search, she discovered that her husband had several step siblings he did not even know existed. Wow, what a discovery for them.

I don't think I will ever have a discovery as unusual as theirs, but the ones I have had are just as amazing to me.

Try it you will be surprised.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The First Time

I just can't believe what I just discovered. You see, I always talk to my sister each day and she always asks if I have read her blog and the answer is always no not yet. Well, today I thought I would get ahead of her and read her latest blog before she asks. So I go to her blog and she hasn't written one yet this morning, guess I better call her and see if she is alright.

I sat down at the computer just now to do our income taxes on Turbo Tax, but alas it is not available. So, with nothing left to do I turned to blogging. Not much to blog, but I will just get started and see what happens.

I suppose most of you watched the Superbowl yesterday, I sure did. I was rooting for the Cardinals, only because they have never been there and the Steelers are the most winning est
team of the Superbowl. My wife was also for the Cardinals but not for the same reason, she came from Tipton, Ks. and their teams are the Tipton Cardinals. Well, everyone has to have their own reason for who they want to win.

Oops, hit a snag!


Can you believe the women that had 8 children already had 6 and the report says she is single and obsessed with being pregnant and having children. I have a couple of question, first has anyone thought maybe she is needing some type of psychological evaluation. Next, what doctor in his right mind would implant 8 eggs, I think he needs to be investigated. Also, how does she pay for this, the injection is thousands of dollars and the expense of raising these 16 children is huge. If it turns out that she is getting my tax dollars to do all this then I am going to be very unhappy. Where is the health care coming from for all these children, more of my money? It is my understanding that a good doctor will not implant more than 3 or 4 eggs and then there is only a twelve percent of all of them living. Someone help me out here to understand this, please.

I said all I'm going to about the state of affairs our country is in, in my previous blog, so not going there again. But, good grief!!!!

Now that the Superbowl is over it is time for college basketball, my favorite. I follow the KU Jayhawks and the KState Wildcats and any other team in the Big 12, but my favorite is the Jayhawks. They are a young team, but will do well as time goes by. They have a tough game tonight at Baylor, which by the way is on Big Monday on ESPN if you are interested. Check your local listings for time and channel depending if you have HDTV or not. If not, I highly recommend getting it, it is awesome.

Well, will sign off and go see if Turbo Tax is working yet or not. If not, maybe I will just take a nap.