Friday, October 16, 2009

My "If's"

My sister writes about the ifs in her life, mine are a little different. Mine are much more simple. To this I am not surprised, because sister is much more complex, Oh, I have wondered many times "what if", but I always come back to this very simple answer; If only one thing in my life had been changed, I would not be who I am today.

Here is a list of the ifs I can think of that would have changed my life completely:

What if I had been able to join the Air Force with my friend instead of being over weight?
What if I had not gone on a blind date with my first wife.
What if we had not moved to Kansas when we did?
What if I had not gone to work for Sears when I did?
What if I had not accepted the job in Salina with Sears?
What if, I had not divorced my first wife?
What if I had never dated Estella?

All those ifs lead to the same answer, I would not be happy and content with life as I know it today. I am sure of this!!!

So, you see, when I ask myself what if; I just look across at my wife and don't think about it anymore.

I don't think one should confuse the ifs as a child with the ifs as an adult. I had many ifs as a child and as I remember it, they all led to the what if I had not done whatever I did, then I would not have gotten in trouble and gotten spanked for it. And, if you remember, you always wished along with those ifs that time could reverse itself and you had another chance to make the right decision. But then, you have to go through all those ifs to become an adult. Of course there are some that never learn by those ifs, and our jails and prisons are full of them.

Oh, I have thought about the BIG IF, what if I win the Power Ball Lottery?

That one I will never quit asking, but that is just me!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A blog, maybe!

I really have nothing to write about , so in the form of Jerry Seinfeld, I will write about nothing in particular.

Football--I am in a football contest to raise money for grandson Logan's ball team. You pick the winning NFL team you want each week and if they win you go on. Once you pick a winning team, you can not pick the same team to win again. If not you are out unless it is in the the first 3 weeks, then you can buy back in and try again. I think I may just pick any team playing the Chiefs, hate to but they SUCK big time. I picked the Chargers over the Raiders in week one and had to stay up till after midnight to help SD pull it out. Then, I couldn't go to sleep, all wound up. This week I picked the Raiders over the Chiefs based on how the Raiders D-line played. I figure the Chiefs will have negative yards rushing and may be down to their #4 QB by games end. The Raiders will spend more time in the KC backfield then the KC backfield. I don't think any of the KC QB's will be able to pass without hitting a Raider in the face with the football. Oh well, another long season for the Chiefs. There are about 150 people in this contest, it's better odds then the lottery.

Last year I was in a bracket contest for the same ball team of Logan's where you filled out the NCAA bracket for March Madness. I finished just ahead of those people that paid their money but never filled out the bracket, so I didn't come in last--really.

I am sitting here with the window open enjoying the cool morning air and listening to the Central High Band as they are preparing for the game tonight. We live almost two miles from the school, but it is that calm outside, kind of neat though.

We have two grandchildren that have birthdays next week, Hayden will be 8 and Hanna will be 7. I tell you this to tell this, Hanna is 7 as I mentioned and I have the most trouble with spelling her name correctly. I want to spell it Hana, don't know why but every time we change computers and I re-enter all our info, I spell it wrong again. Don't make fun, you will be old someday too.

I commented sometime ago how friends and other people I know were dying or very sick. Daughter Monica stated, "well Dad you are at that age", thanks for putting it all in perspective for me Monica, it's just what I needed. Daughter Monica has never been one to hold any punches, I have no idea where she gets it!!

We are talking about the possibility of enlarging our home, in size not persons. We would like to build on all across the back of the house and add a dinning room, second bath and new bedroom for us. Then we could move the office into our current bedroom and move the laundry from basement to upstairs. Again we are getting older and will need this done or move sometime in the future. Like I said, we are just thinking at this point.

Well, that's about enough of nothing so I will sign off and just say to all that read this, we love you and hope good health to you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well, here it is 3 AM and I am wide awake, I wasn't untill I got up at 2 PM and went to BR. Then when I got back in bed I couldn't get comfortable. I finally got comfortable around 2:45 and then I started coughing. By the time I looked all through my 2 drawers in my night stand to find cough drops and not finding any, I just got up and came to the computer. Good grief!!! I seem to have a lot of trouble sleeping lately, probably not enough activity during the day.

Enough complaining about sleep, now what do I talk about?

I am listening to sport talk radio in the background, they are talking about mistakes we have made in life. Of course they are concerned about mistakes that happened in sports. It all started with the football game last night with a play where Bret Favre put a cheep chop block on an opposing player. I went to sleep before the game was over, maybe that is why I'm up this early.

Well, I don't want to get into my mistakes in my life because I would not know where to begin. Although mistakes have been many I have ended up with a wonderful life.

We watched a movie the other day that was about The Five People You Meet In Heaven. I sure hope heaven is the way it was in the movie. I won't go into the story, but I recommend it to everyone.

Gob bless all that spends time reading my blog.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Love of family!!!

My sister and her husband are visiting this week and it has shown me again how much I love our family. We are blessed to have our children and all their children, 13 grand children, their spouses and all of our in-laws. I doubt that there are too many people that can truly say they love all their family and extended family members. But, in our case we can say that we truly do. My wife has nine siblings and they too are wonderful people and I love them all.

We don't get much occasions where we get to have my sister and her husband visit for a whole week, but she is here and now I don't want her to leave on Monday. We have had so much fun that I just don't want it to end. We plan to go see them next spring and we may stay for a month or two.

Now that the weekend is here, most of our children and their families are here to visit. We even have a great nephew and his lovely little almost two year old daughter here. Lets see, I guess she would be our great-great niece wouldn't she. Well, whatever, we love her too.

The only thing that could make it even better is if my oldest daughter and her family were here and also my sisters two daughters with their families.

Well, we will take what we get and praise the Lord for the opportunity.

God bless all that read this and have a great week.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'll change if I want!!!!

I have decided that there are some things that I just may change if I want to. The biggest, no pun intended, is how I look at my weight. I have decided that I will convert to the metric system where I am only 185 kilograms.

I bet the entire metric system was invented by some over weight Englishman who had the idea to not admit how much he really weighs. So, if it works for him, it will work for me. Just another way to look at life more positively.

Now if I could just find something to measure my girth with, I'll convert that to the metric system also. At one time in my life I swore I would never convert, but never say never.

Have a good day to all!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I am really blessed by so many things that I just have to say thank you to God for making it all possible. People always wonder, "how things might have been if"........ It is my belief that if only one small thing had been changed in your life, you would not be who or where you are today. It's kind of like building a wall, if it is off by an eighth of an inch on one end, it may be off by several inches on the other depending of course on how long the wall is in the first place. So it is with life!!! Change just one little thing in your life when you were 18 and by the time you are 20 years older it could have become a very big thing. Think of all the people in trouble with the law, if they had made just one right decision, they may have avoided a life of trouble.

As an example I will give you my story of how my life could have been very different.

When I was 21 I met my first wife on a blind date. That is nothing strange, as a lot of people meet via the blind date, but in my case, I didn't date all that much and in fact the person that set the date up was not even one of my good friends, so much so that I don't even know his name now. He worked at a BBQ shack and I just happened to be in there one day and he was talking to his girlfriend on the phone and she was telling him that she knew a girl that wanted to meet someone and he turned to me and asked me if I wanted to date this girl. For some reason, I accepted the date. The first small thing that would have changed my life had I not accepted.

We dated only about 3 months when I asked her to marry me and she accepted. Thing #2

On the night of our wedding, just before it in fact, she wanted to back out and I talked her into going ahead with the marriage. Thing #3

We were married about a year and a half when my aunt suggested I come to Wichita with her and get a job at Boeing. Which I did. Thing #4

By the time of the move, we had had a son and she had brought a daughter to our marriage in the beginning. While living in Wichita we also had a daughter.

In 1975 while working for Sears, I accepted a job in the Sears store in Salina. Thing #5.

In 1980 we were divorced. Thing #6

My future wife had also been divorced and was working at the Sears store. Thing #7

I had asked her two times for a date and she had turned me down, saying she was not ready to date. I decided to ask her one more time and if turned down would not ask again, but she accepted. Thing #8

We dated for 2 years and 3 months before getting married. She also brought a daughter to the marriage. If we had not married, Thing #9.

So, in my life there have been at least 9 times when any one of those things I have mentioned were changed, then all the rest to follow would have not occurred and I would not have the worlds best wife, the worlds best 4 children and the most wonderful 13 grandchildren. Not to mention all the great in-laws that I now have.

There have been other things that have occurred that could have drastically changed my life, had it not for been the intervention of God and doctors.

So who knows where I would have been today, had I not accepted a blind date solely on a whim.

I believe it to be a master plan that only God has, and I am so thankful.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is this Monday or Tuesday

As the wife and I get older, we seem to have a problem with keeping the day of the week straight. If anything is out of normal, we are thrown into that space where Sunday is Monday or Saturday is Friday or whatever. If one of our kids comes to see us on any day but Saturday or Sunday, then we are confused for the rest of the week. We have the newspaper and the computer to keep us straight, as well as at least one clock in the office, but if we are not in the office on the computer then we may not know what day of the week it is. In fact, we can get it straight and a short time later not know what day it is again. This may go on all day or all week, you just never know. I would like to brag that there may be some weeks where this doesn't happen, but I better not make that statement because it will come back to haunt me and this I am sure of.

If anyone can tell us a pill to take that will help, please call and tell us. A friend
recommended taking Vitamin E. Well after several bottles of vitamin E, we are no better and now our doctor wants us to switch to fish oil. I don't know if he knows why we were taking the E or not, but he didn't say the fish oil would help our memory or not. Considering the size of the capsule, it may clear something else up, if you get my drift.

Now, what was I writing about?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have not written a blog in a long time, but at the instance of my niece, I will try to put something down.

I don't know why I have had so much trouble writing, but I have. I will investigate the reasons here.

Is it because the TV remote is easier to use?
Answer: Probably!
Is it because I am so busy?
Answer: I doubt it.
Is it because I just don't want to think that hard?
Answer: I sure hope not.

Well, I don't know the real reason, but I will have a thought, usually in the night, and then before I know it I have forgotten I even had the thought. You see, that is what happens as you get older, you forget to remember what it is you forgot. I am not kidding about this either, you all will learn it soon enough if you don't already experience it. So, don't poke fun. This problem drives me crazy, or maybe I should state that differently.

While doing this project, I have discovered another reason why I put off doing a lot of typing. There is something wrong with my keyboard, it keeps putting extra letters in my words and I have to go take them out all the time. I won't even go into the spelling errors it makes, luckily for it there is spell check. I just hate those places that don't allow spell check, oh well it is just their problem. If you can't understand what I am saying, don't blame me, it's the keyboard/computer.

How about this comment while I am here, is anyone besides me fed-up with the coverage of the Michale Jackson death. What a bunch of crap!!! You know just a short time ago he was being called a paedophile and now he is buried in a gold coffin like he is some sort of god. And, to be calling him the greatest singer of all times, maybe to those that were 13 when he was singing, but not to me. He will never be as great as Elvis in my mind.

And another thing, can you believe the people that are tagging along for the publicity, take your pick. They were everywhere posing for pictures. It's just not right!!!

Well, better spell check this mess. If I can get Dell to fix this keyboard, I will try to write more often. Of course that means dealing with someone I can't understand due to the language barrier. For the first time, I want to press 1 for english, please. To all that waste their time reading this, have a great day and week. I love you all.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Caught Up!

I have reached a time when I just don't have enough to do. I have our new computer back in order and running great and I have finished my family heritage scrapbook. Now I sit in front of this machine wanting the mail to be delivered so that there might be some little something that requires my attention. I'll even take a bank statement or junk mail to throw away.

I could go sit in front of the boob tube and nap or watch some show I am not really interested in, but that doesn't hold my attention for long. Or, I could do some exercises, which I drastically need, which by the way I did already today once. I need to do them several times daily, we will see.

Or, I could write in my blog!!!

Well, I don't have much of anything to say abut my problem, so I will just sign off. All who reads this take care and have a good week.

By the way if any of you that may read this and you haven't heard from us in a while, please send us an e-mail so I can capture your e-mail address again.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

I've Been Too Busy

I haven't been on my blog for a long time, I've been to busy. You see here is how it has been for me the last several weeks. Maybe it's been a month already, I have a hard time remembering when it all started for sure. First, we started having trouble with our computer staying on line, which was very aggravating and impossible to go blogging... Cox Cable came out tree times tyring to figure it all out and finally replaced the line from the pole to the house. Still the same problem, so decided it was something with the computer. So, about 2 weeks ago on a Thursday at about 4 PM I called the Dell help people. After 7 hours on the phone, yep 7 hours, and having everything completely erased from the hard drive, the tech from Manila decided it must be a bad Ethernet card. I thought maybe that would be your first guess, not the last. But, she had the solution, a $20 usb converter would do the trick. After about 4 days, the usb thingy came and of course it didn't change anything. So another cal to Dell. This one wasn't as long, but long enough to make me realize nothing was going to change and so I ordered a completely new computer. Another wait and finally after about 5 days it arrived and got installed, then the problems started. You see, it is the latest and greatest thing available, so it runs on 64 bit something and everything I had, programs, printer, all are 32 bit something. So, now we have a new printer coming also. Now we have a complete computer and 2 printers left over. Don't know what we will do with all that yet, but probably will try setting another one up at sometime in the future, one will just not be on online, at least until the on line problem can be really fixed which will take a new Ethernet card.

Well there you have it, we are back on line and have everything we had before, except some money and lots of time, missed e-mails and lots of information that had to be reentered.

Thanks for listening........

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hours, days, weeks, months and years

As I get older I often wonder where and just when God changed how many minutes there are in an hour, how may days there are in a week, how may months in year and where have all the years gone in my life.

When I was a little kid there was no end the the minutes in an hour, didn't even know they existed. All I knew was when it was light outside, that was the time to eat, play or bother my sister. In the first grade I noticed a change in this pattern. Now, I had to get up when it got light and go to school, no problem as I really enjoyed the first five years of schooling. Then when I came home it was just playing outside or in the house or just bothering my sister. Bothering my sister were my favorite times of all, still are, but for different reasons now.

Then we moved to Lubbock, Texas and everything changed. The hours spent in school were twice as long as the hours in school in Amarillo and I hated it. From then on all through high school those same hours got more and more minutes in them each day. I couldn't wait to graduate and do what I wanted once again.
But before I move on, let me regress a little. I don't know who changed the hours in the days in the summer, but someone did. Or, at least I guess they did because the days went by faster in the summer that during the school year.

Then after I graduated, I went to work and made my own money---Yea!!! Well, along came summer and all of a sudden I was still working while all the school kids were enjoying the summer. WHAT HAPPENED?? It only took me a couple of years to figure that one out.

Now comes the changes in time, as I continued to work and raise a family, the days got longer and longer in hours and the "off times" got shorter and shorter in hours. In those years a work day of 8-10 hours had at least 90 minutes in each of them and the "off time" hours only had 45 minutes in them.
Well, I put up with this for many years just accepting hours and days as they came along. Then another change-----

Now that I am much older and retired I just can't understand what happened with the time patterns. Hours are still supposed to be 60 minutes, days 7 in a week and months 12 in a year. But, something happened I just don't understand and can't quiet figure out, they are all shorter than they should be. Years go by so fast there must only be 16 hours in a day, 5 days in a week and 40 weeks in a year, or you put in your own numbers, these are mine.

The point is, that as I get older the years go by so fast that I can't keep up anymore. There are some days that Mondays come on Wednesday and Wednesday comes on some other day. Or, it might be straight for a week or so but then it gets all screwed up again. The good thing about the years going by so fast is that I just don't care anymore, at least I don't care how many hours in a day and so on. Some day I will wake up and find I will be in a place where time means nothing, at least that is what I hope. Of course, that place could be that I am still on this earth and have no idea weather it is day or night or for that matter, who I am. I pray that when, and before I get that way, God will take me peacefully and quick to his place where time has no meaning.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Some time has passed

since my last blog, so I think I will try to find something to write about. For us it has been non-stop nothing for several days. I find it difficult to get it all done, but I get at least half of it done daily. If it were not for the basketball tournaments the last few days I don't know what I would have done to keep me alert. We did go to Topeka for our grandsons 8th birthday, so that was enjoyable. It is just good to get out once in awhile and see how the rest of the country is doing. The wheat around Salina is not doing much so far this year, we need rain. Today all we are getting is wind and a lot of it. I bet the wind farms West of here are putting back at a high rate today.

As I mentioned, I have been watching a lot of March Madness this past weekend. My Kansas Jayhawks are in the Sweet 16, go KU!!!! But, I am sorry to report my K-State Wildcats got knocked out of the NIT in the second round. Well, I guess KU will have to carry the state flag the rest of the way. In my bracket, I picked KU to play Oklahoma for the title. What!!!!! You say, well the reasoning behind this is that in 1988, KU played Oklahoma for the championship and won. Even with that and all the times the Big 12 has done well in the tournaments since and the fact that KU won it all last year, the Big 12 still gets no credit for being a strong conference. So, you see, that is why I want KU to go all the way.

Well, that is about all I can think of to say at this time, everyone have a really great week and stay well.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In The Begining

I have taken on a project, that of creating a scrapbook of my family ancestry. I have only been sort of working on this idea for about 4 or 5 years. I have used the internet, contacted family and relatives for information. Finally after a long time of collecting and being sick, I have started the scrapbook. As I go through all the pictures and stories it is amazing how close your family seems to become. My hope is that some day my children will look at the work I have put in and start to wonder if there is more to discover and maybe one of them will carry it further than I have been able to do.

When I started, I remembered when my father was trying to work on finding family information, I don't know how many trips he and my mother took to go to just look through library articles, newspapers, legal documents and other palaces searching for information. I do remember, he was unable to find anything further back than his father. He knew his grand father was married twice but did not know his name or the wives, so his search stopped with his father, at least that is the way I remember it.

At the time all I could think about was girls and cars and I remember thinking why does anyone want to know about dead people.

Now that I have gotten into this I hope my dad is proud that I am carrying on his work. If my father would have had the convenience of the Internet, how excited he would have been. As I got started, I realized that my cousin in Amarillo had sent me information with the name and two pictures of my great grand father. I took the opportunity and googled his name and low and behold up came, not only my great grandfather but my great great grandfather and all the wives my dad could never find.

Well, at this time I have five pages finished on the book and look forward each day to doing more. I highly recommend to anyone that thinks they don't want to undertake a project like this to just go ahead and start, you will get hooked meeting your ancestors for the first time.

This idea started form a good friend of mine who is really deep into genealogy. In her search, she discovered that her husband had several step siblings he did not even know existed. Wow, what a discovery for them.

I don't think I will ever have a discovery as unusual as theirs, but the ones I have had are just as amazing to me.

Try it you will be surprised.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The First Time

I just can't believe what I just discovered. You see, I always talk to my sister each day and she always asks if I have read her blog and the answer is always no not yet. Well, today I thought I would get ahead of her and read her latest blog before she asks. So I go to her blog and she hasn't written one yet this morning, guess I better call her and see if she is alright.

I sat down at the computer just now to do our income taxes on Turbo Tax, but alas it is not available. So, with nothing left to do I turned to blogging. Not much to blog, but I will just get started and see what happens.

I suppose most of you watched the Superbowl yesterday, I sure did. I was rooting for the Cardinals, only because they have never been there and the Steelers are the most winning est
team of the Superbowl. My wife was also for the Cardinals but not for the same reason, she came from Tipton, Ks. and their teams are the Tipton Cardinals. Well, everyone has to have their own reason for who they want to win.

Oops, hit a snag!


Can you believe the women that had 8 children already had 6 and the report says she is single and obsessed with being pregnant and having children. I have a couple of question, first has anyone thought maybe she is needing some type of psychological evaluation. Next, what doctor in his right mind would implant 8 eggs, I think he needs to be investigated. Also, how does she pay for this, the injection is thousands of dollars and the expense of raising these 16 children is huge. If it turns out that she is getting my tax dollars to do all this then I am going to be very unhappy. Where is the health care coming from for all these children, more of my money? It is my understanding that a good doctor will not implant more than 3 or 4 eggs and then there is only a twelve percent of all of them living. Someone help me out here to understand this, please.

I said all I'm going to about the state of affairs our country is in, in my previous blog, so not going there again. But, good grief!!!!

Now that the Superbowl is over it is time for college basketball, my favorite. I follow the KU Jayhawks and the KState Wildcats and any other team in the Big 12, but my favorite is the Jayhawks. They are a young team, but will do well as time goes by. They have a tough game tonight at Baylor, which by the way is on Big Monday on ESPN if you are interested. Check your local listings for time and channel depending if you have HDTV or not. If not, I highly recommend getting it, it is awesome.

Well, will sign off and go see if Turbo Tax is working yet or not. If not, maybe I will just take a nap.

Friday, January 30, 2009

To do or not to do, that is the question!!

Good morning everyone,
I got up this morning and got dressed thinking I would go get the oil changed in my truck before we went to lunch with a friend of ours, but after I had gotten my cloths on, all except my shoes and sock, I thought do I really want to get out and maybe have to rush around to get back to get wife before 11:30? The answer came to me, no not really. I figure I can do the oil change after lunch and it will give me something to do after lunch. Wow, a day with two things to do in the same day. So, I took the free time I have to read other blogs and write one, which I haven't done for sometime. Seems like I just never have anything to write about, every day. My sister can write things everyday, but that is the reason why I can't. What you say is he talking about, well you see Barbara has all this stuff running around in her brain, so she has no problem writing any time she wishes. As for me, my brain is full, mostly of worthless stuff, but full none the less. At least that is the only reason I can figure for the way I am. As the saying goes, that is my story and I am sticking to it!

Now for more serious stuff.

What in the world is going on with our government? Does President Obama really think that creating jobs to construct roads and rebuild schools is going to help anything? What it will help is the illegal aliens that are willing to do the manual labor to have jobs, but the Americans that have lost jobs in the computer, auto and retail industry will not go seeking out those jobs. Some maybe but not many. In the first place they don't know how and are not willing to work that hard, another by-product of too many high paying jobs. Plus, how long can we just print more money? Also, where are the checks and balances gone that were supposed to be put in place in the first money given to banks? What are they doing with it? I have heard stories about City Bank getting their first money and remodeling their executives offices, but oh yes they did decided not to buy the new airplane they had ordered. Well, pin a gold star on them. But, they did somehow find the money to go buy up another bank, go figure. In the Salina Journal yesterday is the best idea I have heard of in a long time. A citizen had the idea, that instead of sending billions to save the banks, just give every man, women and child a check for ten thousand dollars. That way families could buy what the need, pay bills that need to be paid and if anything is left over put it in the bank. Wait, did I just suggest that everyone would benefit from this idea? The only people left out of this idea are the politicians that won't get their kick backs. Where is the news media when we need need them to dig into the huge sums of our money and find out exactly why the Democrats are so willing to jump on the band wagon. Here is my opinion, GREED!!! So far, I am not happy with the way things are going under the new President. I said I would give him a chance, and I will, but I am still not happy with his willingness to just give my money away with no one having to be responsible for controlling where it is actually going. What is even more surprising, is the fact that several of my very Democrat friends are also not happy with the way the bail out is being handled. WHAT???? That's right, they aren't happy either. I didn't think I would ever be able to say that, but it is true.

Well, I have had my say and that is all I am going to say about what is in my mind and wanting to get out.

Have a good day and week!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My 7 year old grandson, Logan, stated to his mom on the way to school this morning, 1-20-2009, that he was upset because he was going to miss recess this morning. When ask why, he said because we all have to the all purpose room and watch the inauguration of the President.

I tell this because there are too many people that feel the same way, I'll miss my soap opera or I'll miss whatever it is that I don't want to miss. This one time people, and I include children, should take pause to consider that this is a great time in history. Everyone ought to put our petty feeling aside and be apart of this history. Weather you like or dislike the new President, he is still your President and will be for at least four years.

How good or what kind of President he will be remains to be seen, but we all at the very least need to give him our support and pray that he do what needs to be done to keep America safe and back on track to economic recovery. Will it be told in the first hundred days as a lot of politicians and media consider as the measuring stick, I doubt it. In fact it may not be the first four years, it all depends on what America is at that time in history.

Obviously the stock market did not respond to President Obama, but then they are probably afraid he will make them accountable. To which I say, sick um Pres.!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Ramblings

I was doing nothing as usual, I got up this morning with nothing to do and have only got about half of it done so far. In fact, my wife said, you haven't done anything for two days and I said I know it and it's because I am not done yet. A little humor to start the blog with and I know you might have heard this from me or from somewhere else but I have decided to adopt this attitude for my own.

I have been organizing my office for a year and I still find things to make it better, or at least I think it is better. some of it has been done several times. Now I am starting to put together a Hale/Odom family scrap book together. I have had pictures and other items for several years, but only now am I getting interested in putting it all together.

Speaking of heritage, I have found some pretty interesting facts out about both sides of the family. For instance my Grandfather Hale punched cattle with Will Rogers in Oklahoma before 1900. There are other things about the family, I will not bore you with the details.

This is my time of the year, not the weather time, but basketball and KY Jay hawk time. Then of course there is March Madness. Go KU!!!

Coming up Tuesday is a time in history to be remembered, when the first black president will take office. I for one hope he will do the right things and pull our country back on our feet. I don't know why one would want such a demanding job, especially one with small children, but that is his decision and no one else can make that call for him. Can you just imagine what it would be like to be of grade school age and living in the White House? Wow!!!! Of course I lived in a white house as a child but it wasn't the same.

Then, the football playoffs are coming up and I guess I will be for Arizona, only because they will be the under dog all the way, but first they have to get past the Steelers, no small task. There is so much going on on TV this time of year and of course there is American Idol. How do we cope?

Another thing, my delete key isn't working for some reason, what a bummer. Our key board is original, it came with the first computer we bought several years and two computers ago. Luckily we have a new one that can be hooked up easily when ever it is needed. Maybe some one can tell me what is wrong or maybe it will fix itself. As long as I am on this computer thing, I have never been able to push the print screen button and print the screen. I have tried to find somewhere that I can go and turn this action on, but can't find it. Does anyone know where it went?

In the last month we have had 4 friends pass on from this world and we have another two that are struggling to keep going. My daughter tells me it is because I am that age, she did not have to remind me.

It seems like the older we get the younger our minds seem and the weaker our bodies are, frankly I am tired of it all. What happened to my youth, where did it go so fast and why do your grandchildren make you so tired just watching them move around. Oh to be younger again!!!

Well once again you have waisted perfectly good time reading my nothing. Even so, I hope you enjoyed it a little anyway.

Have a wonderful New Year and stay warm, safe and faithful.

I love anyone that has read this garbage all the way through


P.S. Breaking news, my delete key just started working again.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Here it is, 2:30 AM and I am writing my blog. Why? I wish I knew. I went to bed at 11 PM and went right to sleep, then at 12:45 I heard the bathroom calling so I went to investigate. When I tried to get back to sleep, I started thinking about all sorts of unimportant stuff and could not relax, so I got up and worked on pictures for our new digital picture frame we got form our kids at Christmas. It is obvious after loading them in the frame, that I don't know much about what I am doing there either. They are all turned right, but just don't look very good. I guess I will have to read the book....SCREAM.

I think I will go back to the throne room and then eat some toast and try to go to bed again. We have to be up by 0830 so we can go to coffee. Boy, do we lead a loaded life or what?

Of course, my lovely wife is sleeping like a baby. How sweet that would be. I guess it is a good thing she sleeps so good or I would be in more trouble than I already am..... So, GOOD NIGHT, AGAIN!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Offically Over!!!

Well, it finally happened, Christmas is officially over for the Hale family.

We gathered, and with 13 grandchildren it is a gathering, at the Holiday Inn Holidome here in Salina. We have started having Christmas there because our little house just is not big enough for 23 people at one time. A fun time was had playing games, visiting and kids swimming. The food was really good and the service was excellent. The only problem we encountered was with the reservation staff. They were mostly completely incompetent. They rented rooms that were already rented, not once but twice. It remains to be seen if all the charges come out right or not.

Our grand children range in age from the twins at 16 to the baby Truman, aka. tiny tornado, at almost 2. for the most part all the kids get along very well, of course there are those times as there are in every family where something has to go wrong and it usually does. But, nothing really bad happened, no missing children, bloody body parts or broken arms or legs. So, I guess one could say it was a successfully good time and it was.

Now the New years is here and what to do. As I get further into retirement I have found that I can get up in the morning with nothing to do and go bed with only half of it done, my favorite saying at this time.

It seems I can always find something to do each morning if only paying bills, reading e-mail, reading the Salina Urinal, oops Salina Journal, and occasionally writing in my blog. We, my sister and her daughter and I, have also started Face Book, but I don't understand what to do with it so I think I will just stick with my blog.

In the past month we have lost two friends and a brother of another friend, all with in about a two week time frame. We also have another friend that is in Hospice and not doing very well, so we keep praying for comfort for her and wait. So sad!!!

My Kansas City Chiefs had a dismal year so I am glad that is over. Now into the playoffs and watching the games I am interested in. I am rooting for anybody that beats the Patriots. I don't really care who wins, but I would like to see a new team take it all.

The best thing about this time of year for me and sports is that the Kansas Jayhawk basketball team is about to enter Big 12 play, Go KU!!!

Well I have about run out of blog, so I will Just say to all that read this:
Have a really great 2009 and we love you all.

Offically over!