Saturday, May 30, 2009

I've Been Too Busy

I haven't been on my blog for a long time, I've been to busy. You see here is how it has been for me the last several weeks. Maybe it's been a month already, I have a hard time remembering when it all started for sure. First, we started having trouble with our computer staying on line, which was very aggravating and impossible to go blogging... Cox Cable came out tree times tyring to figure it all out and finally replaced the line from the pole to the house. Still the same problem, so decided it was something with the computer. So, about 2 weeks ago on a Thursday at about 4 PM I called the Dell help people. After 7 hours on the phone, yep 7 hours, and having everything completely erased from the hard drive, the tech from Manila decided it must be a bad Ethernet card. I thought maybe that would be your first guess, not the last. But, she had the solution, a $20 usb converter would do the trick. After about 4 days, the usb thingy came and of course it didn't change anything. So another cal to Dell. This one wasn't as long, but long enough to make me realize nothing was going to change and so I ordered a completely new computer. Another wait and finally after about 5 days it arrived and got installed, then the problems started. You see, it is the latest and greatest thing available, so it runs on 64 bit something and everything I had, programs, printer, all are 32 bit something. So, now we have a new printer coming also. Now we have a complete computer and 2 printers left over. Don't know what we will do with all that yet, but probably will try setting another one up at sometime in the future, one will just not be on online, at least until the on line problem can be really fixed which will take a new Ethernet card.

Well there you have it, we are back on line and have everything we had before, except some money and lots of time, missed e-mails and lots of information that had to be reentered.

Thanks for listening........