Monday, June 8, 2009

Caught Up!

I have reached a time when I just don't have enough to do. I have our new computer back in order and running great and I have finished my family heritage scrapbook. Now I sit in front of this machine wanting the mail to be delivered so that there might be some little something that requires my attention. I'll even take a bank statement or junk mail to throw away.

I could go sit in front of the boob tube and nap or watch some show I am not really interested in, but that doesn't hold my attention for long. Or, I could do some exercises, which I drastically need, which by the way I did already today once. I need to do them several times daily, we will see.

Or, I could write in my blog!!!

Well, I don't have much of anything to say abut my problem, so I will just sign off. All who reads this take care and have a good week.

By the way if any of you that may read this and you haven't heard from us in a while, please send us an e-mail so I can capture your e-mail address again.