Friday, April 10, 2009

Hours, days, weeks, months and years

As I get older I often wonder where and just when God changed how many minutes there are in an hour, how may days there are in a week, how may months in year and where have all the years gone in my life.

When I was a little kid there was no end the the minutes in an hour, didn't even know they existed. All I knew was when it was light outside, that was the time to eat, play or bother my sister. In the first grade I noticed a change in this pattern. Now, I had to get up when it got light and go to school, no problem as I really enjoyed the first five years of schooling. Then when I came home it was just playing outside or in the house or just bothering my sister. Bothering my sister were my favorite times of all, still are, but for different reasons now.

Then we moved to Lubbock, Texas and everything changed. The hours spent in school were twice as long as the hours in school in Amarillo and I hated it. From then on all through high school those same hours got more and more minutes in them each day. I couldn't wait to graduate and do what I wanted once again.
But before I move on, let me regress a little. I don't know who changed the hours in the days in the summer, but someone did. Or, at least I guess they did because the days went by faster in the summer that during the school year.

Then after I graduated, I went to work and made my own money---Yea!!! Well, along came summer and all of a sudden I was still working while all the school kids were enjoying the summer. WHAT HAPPENED?? It only took me a couple of years to figure that one out.

Now comes the changes in time, as I continued to work and raise a family, the days got longer and longer in hours and the "off times" got shorter and shorter in hours. In those years a work day of 8-10 hours had at least 90 minutes in each of them and the "off time" hours only had 45 minutes in them.
Well, I put up with this for many years just accepting hours and days as they came along. Then another change-----

Now that I am much older and retired I just can't understand what happened with the time patterns. Hours are still supposed to be 60 minutes, days 7 in a week and months 12 in a year. But, something happened I just don't understand and can't quiet figure out, they are all shorter than they should be. Years go by so fast there must only be 16 hours in a day, 5 days in a week and 40 weeks in a year, or you put in your own numbers, these are mine.

The point is, that as I get older the years go by so fast that I can't keep up anymore. There are some days that Mondays come on Wednesday and Wednesday comes on some other day. Or, it might be straight for a week or so but then it gets all screwed up again. The good thing about the years going by so fast is that I just don't care anymore, at least I don't care how many hours in a day and so on. Some day I will wake up and find I will be in a place where time means nothing, at least that is what I hope. Of course, that place could be that I am still on this earth and have no idea weather it is day or night or for that matter, who I am. I pray that when, and before I get that way, God will take me peacefully and quick to his place where time has no meaning.