Saturday, July 25, 2009

Love of family!!!

My sister and her husband are visiting this week and it has shown me again how much I love our family. We are blessed to have our children and all their children, 13 grand children, their spouses and all of our in-laws. I doubt that there are too many people that can truly say they love all their family and extended family members. But, in our case we can say that we truly do. My wife has nine siblings and they too are wonderful people and I love them all.

We don't get much occasions where we get to have my sister and her husband visit for a whole week, but she is here and now I don't want her to leave on Monday. We have had so much fun that I just don't want it to end. We plan to go see them next spring and we may stay for a month or two.

Now that the weekend is here, most of our children and their families are here to visit. We even have a great nephew and his lovely little almost two year old daughter here. Lets see, I guess she would be our great-great niece wouldn't she. Well, whatever, we love her too.

The only thing that could make it even better is if my oldest daughter and her family were here and also my sisters two daughters with their families.

Well, we will take what we get and praise the Lord for the opportunity.

God bless all that read this and have a great week.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'll change if I want!!!!

I have decided that there are some things that I just may change if I want to. The biggest, no pun intended, is how I look at my weight. I have decided that I will convert to the metric system where I am only 185 kilograms.

I bet the entire metric system was invented by some over weight Englishman who had the idea to not admit how much he really weighs. So, if it works for him, it will work for me. Just another way to look at life more positively.

Now if I could just find something to measure my girth with, I'll convert that to the metric system also. At one time in my life I swore I would never convert, but never say never.

Have a good day to all!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I am really blessed by so many things that I just have to say thank you to God for making it all possible. People always wonder, "how things might have been if"........ It is my belief that if only one small thing had been changed in your life, you would not be who or where you are today. It's kind of like building a wall, if it is off by an eighth of an inch on one end, it may be off by several inches on the other depending of course on how long the wall is in the first place. So it is with life!!! Change just one little thing in your life when you were 18 and by the time you are 20 years older it could have become a very big thing. Think of all the people in trouble with the law, if they had made just one right decision, they may have avoided a life of trouble.

As an example I will give you my story of how my life could have been very different.

When I was 21 I met my first wife on a blind date. That is nothing strange, as a lot of people meet via the blind date, but in my case, I didn't date all that much and in fact the person that set the date up was not even one of my good friends, so much so that I don't even know his name now. He worked at a BBQ shack and I just happened to be in there one day and he was talking to his girlfriend on the phone and she was telling him that she knew a girl that wanted to meet someone and he turned to me and asked me if I wanted to date this girl. For some reason, I accepted the date. The first small thing that would have changed my life had I not accepted.

We dated only about 3 months when I asked her to marry me and she accepted. Thing #2

On the night of our wedding, just before it in fact, she wanted to back out and I talked her into going ahead with the marriage. Thing #3

We were married about a year and a half when my aunt suggested I come to Wichita with her and get a job at Boeing. Which I did. Thing #4

By the time of the move, we had had a son and she had brought a daughter to our marriage in the beginning. While living in Wichita we also had a daughter.

In 1975 while working for Sears, I accepted a job in the Sears store in Salina. Thing #5.

In 1980 we were divorced. Thing #6

My future wife had also been divorced and was working at the Sears store. Thing #7

I had asked her two times for a date and she had turned me down, saying she was not ready to date. I decided to ask her one more time and if turned down would not ask again, but she accepted. Thing #8

We dated for 2 years and 3 months before getting married. She also brought a daughter to the marriage. If we had not married, Thing #9.

So, in my life there have been at least 9 times when any one of those things I have mentioned were changed, then all the rest to follow would have not occurred and I would not have the worlds best wife, the worlds best 4 children and the most wonderful 13 grandchildren. Not to mention all the great in-laws that I now have.

There have been other things that have occurred that could have drastically changed my life, had it not for been the intervention of God and doctors.

So who knows where I would have been today, had I not accepted a blind date solely on a whim.

I believe it to be a master plan that only God has, and I am so thankful.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is this Monday or Tuesday

As the wife and I get older, we seem to have a problem with keeping the day of the week straight. If anything is out of normal, we are thrown into that space where Sunday is Monday or Saturday is Friday or whatever. If one of our kids comes to see us on any day but Saturday or Sunday, then we are confused for the rest of the week. We have the newspaper and the computer to keep us straight, as well as at least one clock in the office, but if we are not in the office on the computer then we may not know what day of the week it is. In fact, we can get it straight and a short time later not know what day it is again. This may go on all day or all week, you just never know. I would like to brag that there may be some weeks where this doesn't happen, but I better not make that statement because it will come back to haunt me and this I am sure of.

If anyone can tell us a pill to take that will help, please call and tell us. A friend
recommended taking Vitamin E. Well after several bottles of vitamin E, we are no better and now our doctor wants us to switch to fish oil. I don't know if he knows why we were taking the E or not, but he didn't say the fish oil would help our memory or not. Considering the size of the capsule, it may clear something else up, if you get my drift.

Now, what was I writing about?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have not written a blog in a long time, but at the instance of my niece, I will try to put something down.

I don't know why I have had so much trouble writing, but I have. I will investigate the reasons here.

Is it because the TV remote is easier to use?
Answer: Probably!
Is it because I am so busy?
Answer: I doubt it.
Is it because I just don't want to think that hard?
Answer: I sure hope not.

Well, I don't know the real reason, but I will have a thought, usually in the night, and then before I know it I have forgotten I even had the thought. You see, that is what happens as you get older, you forget to remember what it is you forgot. I am not kidding about this either, you all will learn it soon enough if you don't already experience it. So, don't poke fun. This problem drives me crazy, or maybe I should state that differently.

While doing this project, I have discovered another reason why I put off doing a lot of typing. There is something wrong with my keyboard, it keeps putting extra letters in my words and I have to go take them out all the time. I won't even go into the spelling errors it makes, luckily for it there is spell check. I just hate those places that don't allow spell check, oh well it is just their problem. If you can't understand what I am saying, don't blame me, it's the keyboard/computer.

How about this comment while I am here, is anyone besides me fed-up with the coverage of the Michale Jackson death. What a bunch of crap!!! You know just a short time ago he was being called a paedophile and now he is buried in a gold coffin like he is some sort of god. And, to be calling him the greatest singer of all times, maybe to those that were 13 when he was singing, but not to me. He will never be as great as Elvis in my mind.

And another thing, can you believe the people that are tagging along for the publicity, take your pick. They were everywhere posing for pictures. It's just not right!!!

Well, better spell check this mess. If I can get Dell to fix this keyboard, I will try to write more often. Of course that means dealing with someone I can't understand due to the language barrier. For the first time, I want to press 1 for english, please. To all that waste their time reading this, have a great day and week. I love you all.