Monday, September 29, 2008

Long Times and Other Stuff

It has been a long time since blogging, but what is a long time? Also, who decides "long time"? In my case and in the case of my blogs and especially reading Barbara's blogs, it is my sister who decides "long Time". One says "it's been a long time" since whatever several times in his or her life. But, back to the original question, what is a long time. I think, a long time can be anything from a day to years. It all depends on what has been a long time. If it concerns an old friend, it is usually years. Or, if it concerns something personal, and I want go into just especially what I am thinking of, it could be as little as one or two days. I don't think a long time could be in the same day, but I have used it in the same day as a small joke. Like when having talked to someone on the phone and then as soon as you hang up you call back and say, "it's been a long time since I talked to you" and then you go ahead with whatever you forgot. An especially long time for me has been the last time I spoke to my mother or father face to face. Oh, I talk to both of them in my mind and sometimes I think I hear them answer. I talk to Barbara daily, usually several times, but if I miss a day it seems like such a long time I get very lonely just for her voice. It has also been a long time since we have seen her and Reid, they came last may, but it has been two years since we went to see them. That is the first thing we are going to do as soon as I get all healed up from surgery in 2007.

It has been a very long time since I spoke to any of my "childhood" friends. I used to keep in touch with one in particular via Christmas cards, but several years ago they quit sending one to me, so I don't know what happened. I have come to realize, that those that you are always the one contacting, they really aren't good friends if they don't contact you once in a while.

Keeping in contact with friends is reserved for girls, I guess. Or maybe I just never was luckily enough to have long distance relationships with someone that cared for me. My sister and a friend of mine, a girl, have both had and still have very close contact with old friends. Even my wife has friends that keep in contact via e-mail back and forth. Just not me.

So, a long time can have many meanings to many people, sometimes when I get impatient a long time could be in minutes, so I withdraw my statement that a "long time" must be over a day. In self defense, I won't go into the times my "long times" happen in the same day. After all I have to live with her. I may be in trouble going this far, but you get the drift a "long time" can be anytime you want or don't want it to be. So, don't let it be a long time before you call me and just say "hey" I would love to hear from you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Handling retirement in the face of winter

Here it is the 8th of September and the weather is already fall like. We went straight from being hot to being very cool. I don't know what to think about how bad winter is going to be. I spent most of last winter in the hospital not having to face all the ice and snow Salina had. This winter we plan to just stay inside when the snow and ice come, no use taking a chance on falling. This brings me to my problem. I already get restless being in the house and just have to get out and do something, even going to Sonic during happy hour will do. What am I going to do when I can't get out for days on end? My wife can handle not going anywhere, but I don't think I can, so I have to find something besides TV and FRED to keep by occupied. Oh, FRED is Fricken Ridiculous Electronic Device IE. computer. I'm going to try reading, but the book I want, in large print, is not in the library, so I will have to wait for that. I really need to get in more exercise and will try doing more of it. But, I still need to get out among them so to speak once in awhile. Well, I know this has been a short blog, but I needed something to do. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.