Friday, October 16, 2009

My "If's"

My sister writes about the ifs in her life, mine are a little different. Mine are much more simple. To this I am not surprised, because sister is much more complex, Oh, I have wondered many times "what if", but I always come back to this very simple answer; If only one thing in my life had been changed, I would not be who I am today.

Here is a list of the ifs I can think of that would have changed my life completely:

What if I had been able to join the Air Force with my friend instead of being over weight?
What if I had not gone on a blind date with my first wife.
What if we had not moved to Kansas when we did?
What if I had not gone to work for Sears when I did?
What if I had not accepted the job in Salina with Sears?
What if, I had not divorced my first wife?
What if I had never dated Estella?

All those ifs lead to the same answer, I would not be happy and content with life as I know it today. I am sure of this!!!

So, you see, when I ask myself what if; I just look across at my wife and don't think about it anymore.

I don't think one should confuse the ifs as a child with the ifs as an adult. I had many ifs as a child and as I remember it, they all led to the what if I had not done whatever I did, then I would not have gotten in trouble and gotten spanked for it. And, if you remember, you always wished along with those ifs that time could reverse itself and you had another chance to make the right decision. But then, you have to go through all those ifs to become an adult. Of course there are some that never learn by those ifs, and our jails and prisons are full of them.

Oh, I have thought about the BIG IF, what if I win the Power Ball Lottery?

That one I will never quit asking, but that is just me!!!

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