Friday, September 18, 2009

A blog, maybe!

I really have nothing to write about , so in the form of Jerry Seinfeld, I will write about nothing in particular.

Football--I am in a football contest to raise money for grandson Logan's ball team. You pick the winning NFL team you want each week and if they win you go on. Once you pick a winning team, you can not pick the same team to win again. If not you are out unless it is in the the first 3 weeks, then you can buy back in and try again. I think I may just pick any team playing the Chiefs, hate to but they SUCK big time. I picked the Chargers over the Raiders in week one and had to stay up till after midnight to help SD pull it out. Then, I couldn't go to sleep, all wound up. This week I picked the Raiders over the Chiefs based on how the Raiders D-line played. I figure the Chiefs will have negative yards rushing and may be down to their #4 QB by games end. The Raiders will spend more time in the KC backfield then the KC backfield. I don't think any of the KC QB's will be able to pass without hitting a Raider in the face with the football. Oh well, another long season for the Chiefs. There are about 150 people in this contest, it's better odds then the lottery.

Last year I was in a bracket contest for the same ball team of Logan's where you filled out the NCAA bracket for March Madness. I finished just ahead of those people that paid their money but never filled out the bracket, so I didn't come in last--really.

I am sitting here with the window open enjoying the cool morning air and listening to the Central High Band as they are preparing for the game tonight. We live almost two miles from the school, but it is that calm outside, kind of neat though.

We have two grandchildren that have birthdays next week, Hayden will be 8 and Hanna will be 7. I tell you this to tell this, Hanna is 7 as I mentioned and I have the most trouble with spelling her name correctly. I want to spell it Hana, don't know why but every time we change computers and I re-enter all our info, I spell it wrong again. Don't make fun, you will be old someday too.

I commented sometime ago how friends and other people I know were dying or very sick. Daughter Monica stated, "well Dad you are at that age", thanks for putting it all in perspective for me Monica, it's just what I needed. Daughter Monica has never been one to hold any punches, I have no idea where she gets it!!

We are talking about the possibility of enlarging our home, in size not persons. We would like to build on all across the back of the house and add a dinning room, second bath and new bedroom for us. Then we could move the office into our current bedroom and move the laundry from basement to upstairs. Again we are getting older and will need this done or move sometime in the future. Like I said, we are just thinking at this point.

Well, that's about enough of nothing so I will sign off and just say to all that read this, we love you and hope good health to you.

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